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Commerce Cloud 交易云

Helps carriers quickly achieve the interaction and convergence of multiple channels (mainly online ones) in a low-investment and low-risk manner, to reduce the cost of obtaining customers and improve the business handling efficiency. Helps enterprises provide open, flexible, and scalable e-commerce products to improve customer experience.帮助运营商小投入、低风险的快速实现以线上为主的多渠道互动融合,降低获客成本,提高业务办理效率;帮助企业提供开放、灵活、可扩展的电商产品,帮助提升客户体验。

Dealer Agent Cloud 代理云

Helps dealers achieve mobile office to quickly obtain customers anytime and anywhere. Reduces the requirements for dealers significantly and improves the customer service experience.帮助代理商摆脱实体店束缚,实现移动化办公,随时随地快速获客;显著降低代理门槛,提升客户服务体验。

IoT Cloud 联接云

Helps customers from various industries quickly access a carrier's CMP network and carry out IoT businesses, to minimize IT costs and HR investment of enterprises and implement flexible traffic management and easy business operations.帮助各行业客户快速接入运营商CMP网络、开展IoT业务,最大化减少企业的IT成本和人力投入,并实现流量的灵活管理,轻松经营。

Main features 主要特性

Capability openness 能力开放


Version updates: 版本更新说明:

Updated on 20180609 20180609更新 Updated on 20180331 20180331更新

Billing Cloud 计费云

Provides offering pricing, promotion, usage charging, and bill run capabilities, helps enterprises quickly bring offerings online, and implements recurring charging of subscription-based usage and one-off charging.提供商品定价、促销、用量计费、出账能力,使能行业客户的数字化和智能化,帮助企业快速上线商品,并实现一次性计费、或者订阅式用量多次计费。

Smart Pricing Cloud智能营销云

Maximize marketing campaign conversion rates and customer loyalty.通过渠道(如App)给终端用户带来更多更佳的体验(比如游戏化奖励,积分等),更好的维护运行商和终端用户之间的关系,利用行为和信息(如:位置、余额),通过数字化渠道快速完成营销闭环,刺激用户消费。