Current position : > Huawei E398 LTE 4G Modem Datacard 100 Mbps



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Huawei E398 LTE 4G Modem Datacard 100 Mbps

Product name Huawei E398 LTE 4G Modem Datacard 100 Mbps is sold by many websites in india. Is this product made by huawei? or is it a duplicate product?, is this product is under warranty terms?, and can i use 2G and 3G sim on this Datacard?. What is its actual price at it is available in India for  INR 2500/-



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The HUAWEI E398 is produced by HUAWEI, there are many variant model of HUAWEI E398, such as HUAWEI E398u-11, E398U-1, E398U-15, E398U-18, you can check the details on this site:

it could use 2G and 3G in India, this dongle is under 1 year warranty.