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Enterprise Networking

Agile Network: Open, Simple, and Secure

Huawei provides the enterprise network market with the most comprehensive product combinations in the entire industry. These products include Ethernet switches and enterprise routers, as well as Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), network security, and network management. Huawei helps enterprises build integrated infrastructure network platforms — for campuses, branches, WAN interconnections, and data centers — by coordinating services such as network and security, wired and wireless, computing, and storage.

As enterprises move towards all-digital transformation, Huawei offers powerful solutions such as an All-Cloud network architecture for enterprises. The architecture enables optimal experience, agile innovation, and extensive security. The All-Cloud architecture uses ubiquitous connections, an open cloud management platform, and social media applications for enterprises to upgrade their infrastructure network and offers choices for ‘Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social’ (ROADS) services. With All-Cloud, enterprise networks easily transform to become ‘data-centric.’ In scenarios such as campuses, branches, and the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based network management achieves faster service deployment and simpler network Operations and Maintenance (O&M) based on data center network interconnections and interoperability. Additionally, the cloud management platform provides Big Data analytics, enabling various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. All-Cloud creates new opportunities with open, third-party integration, but also adds business value to network resources and data.

A flexible ‘service-centric’ data center network solution known as CloudFabric permits smooth network evolution and fine-grained O&M, which are key to supporting operations of cloud-based services. The CloudCampus solution is another offering that uses cloud technologies to deliver cloud-based management for campus networks and significantly reduce maintenance costs. The CloudCampus solution uses a centralized cloud management platform to collect Big Data from networks and provide open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Together, Big Data and open APIs can produce a new range of SaaS applications such as traffic analysis and commercial heat maps for enterprises. The CloudEPN solution is yet another option. It uses cloud technologies to reconstruct enterprise interconnections. For example, with CloudEPN, branch offices can securely connect to the headquarters data center in real time, and at lower costs. The CloudEPN solution can also achieve real-time deployment of network and security functions.

The EC-IoT solution integrates the advantages of cloud technologies and cloud computing. This powerful IoT solution enables both centralized cloud-based management for tens of thousands of sensors and local real-time processing of some services (such as real-time decisions and traffic compression). The specific goal of this solution is to help enterprises in vertical industries speed up their digital transformation. Because security protection is a top concern today among enterprises, Huawei’s Security solution provides scenario-based security capabilities as vital services that safeguard data centers, campuses, branches, and the IoT. Intelligent learning is used to transform passive defenses into proactive defenses against threats — all to ensure comprehensive network security.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

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Data Center Network Solution

CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution uses data center switches to provide high-speed, efficient connections

Campus Network Solution

Huawei Campus Network Solution helps build cloud managed, wireless LAN networks that adapt to changing needs.

BYOD Solution

Huawei mobile security solution enables secure and agile access to enterprise assets through BYOD devices

EC-IoT Solution

Based on edge computing and SDN technology, manages tens of millions of terminals in the cloud.

CloudEPN Solution

CloudEPN Solution provides capacity-on-demand experience and reduces interconnection cost.