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How to Troubleshoot the Fault that the VIS6000 FC Port Negotiation Fails?

Publication Date:  2012-07-19 Views:  453 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
When the VIS6000 is connecting to the FC switch or host with the FC cable, the negotiation sometimes fails and the corresponding indicator is blinking.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Step 1  Run a command to check whether the physical link is normal. If the link status is displayed to be 1, the link is normal.
VIS_7796_0:/OSM/ISM/CLI # osp_mml fc gs
Speed: 1-1G,2-2G,4-4G
Mode: 1-ini,2-tgt,3-both,4-m_ini,8-m_tgt,c-m_both
Link: 0-null, 1-good, 2-down wait, 3-down confirm
Port: 0 Speed:0[4] Mode:3 Link:1 Name:22000022a100dbac Bus: 5 Host:3 Sfp:4300 IO:155
Port: 1 Speed:0[2] Mode:3 Link:1 Name:22010022a100dbac Bus: 5 Host:4 Sfp:4300 IO:259
Port: 2 Speed:0[1] Mode:3 Link:3 Name:22020022a100dbac Bus: 5 Host:5 Sfp:4300 IO:0
Port: 3 Speed:0[1] Mode:2 Link:1 Name:22030022a100dbac Bus: 5 Host:0 Sfp:4300 IO:0
Port:10 Speed:0[4] Mode:3 Link:1 Name:22040022a100dbac Bus:11 Host:7 Sfp:4300 IO:81
Port:11 Speed:0[2] Mode:3 Link:1 Name:22050022a100dbac Bus:11 Host:8 Sfp:4300 IO:600
Port:12 Speed:0[4] Mode:3 Link:3 Name:22060022a100dbac Bus:11 Host:9 Sfp:4300 IO:0
Port:13 Speed:0[1] Mode:3 Link:2 Name:22070022a100dbac Bus:11 Host:13 Sfp:4300 IO:0
Step 2  Remove the VIS FC cables. Wait 10 seconds and plug the FC cables to check whether the negotiation is successful.
Step 3  Set the FC port to auto-adaptive mode by using the ISM or CLI. The CLI command is as follows:
chgfcspeed -c controller ID -i interface ID -p port ID -s 0
Repeat step 1 to check whether the link is normal.
Step 4  Run a command under debug to reset the VIS FC port. The port number is 0.
VIS_7796_0:/OSM/ISM/CLI # osp_mml fc pl 0
Login pool list:
0     22000022a101a017 1    6  1  1   0      1       5714
Total used 1, free 2559
Repeat step 1 to check whether the link is normal.
Root Cause
In most cases, the hardware is normal. The fault can be removed by modifying relevant parameters or resetting the port.