Obtaining a Device List from the NVR Server Failed

Publication Date:  2012-07-23 Views:  124 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

When you start the TMS client, access the TMS server dialog box, and select a TMS server for login, the system displays Reading the device list failed.

Alarm Information
Handling Process

To rectify this fault, you need to restart the NVR server.
1. Log in NVR host through the SSH client.
2. Enter the following command:
ps -ef | grep NVS
3. Check whether the ./NVS_SysAdminSvr process of the NVR server is running.
4. If not, restart the NVR server.


Root Cause

The ./NVS_SysAdminSvr process of the NVR server is down or an error occurs in this process.