How to Troubleshoot the Fault that the PVM Client Fails to be Started?

Publication Date:  2012-07-23 Views:  104 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The PVM client fails to be started. The PVM does not respond as being double-clicked.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
For cause 1: Select the started process Monitor.exe, Special Player.exe, or ConfigTool.exe, and click End Process to stop the process forcibly. Then, restart the PVM software.
For cause 2: It is recommended to reinstall the PVM software.
Root Cause
Two possible causes:
  1. The program is already started, but is not stopped properly.
Open the Windows Task Manager, and check whether process Monitor.exe, Special Player.exe, or ConfigTool.exe exists on the Processes tab page.
  1. The program file is destroyed. For example, an error occurred when installing or uninstalling the program, or some installation files are deleted manually by mistake.