Added Topology Objects Are Not Displayed in the Topology View

Publication Date:  2012-07-23 Views:  116 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The added topology objects, such as the NEs and subnets, are not displayed in the topology view.
Alarm Information
Handling Process

1.         The view is automatically refreshed after the NE is added for a certain time. The period depends on the network communication. If the view is not automatically refreshed for a long time, the data packet may be lost because of the unstable network. You can choose View > Refresh on the main menu bar or click refresh on the toolbar to refresh the view.

2.         If the filter tree is configured not to display this type of NEs or subnets, do as follows:

  • On the main menu bar, choose View > Display > Filter.
  • In the Filter Tree group box, click the Filter tree, select the related filter tree template.
  • In the Filter area, select the Object Name, NE and Subnet.


Root Cause
The following are the possible reasons:
  • NEs are added to the server, but there is a delay before the data is synchronized to the client.
  • The corresponding NEs and subnets are not displayed in the topology view if they are filtered in Filter. You can disable the filtering option to display the corresponding devices and subnets.