USG2130 push the TSM certified WEB interface

Publication Date:  2012-09-10 Views:  316 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
A Bureau point USG2130 linkage deployment with TSM, web authentication page through USG2130 release, terminal PC can’t receive.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Adopted through the ACL control WEB authentication page release instead of USG5000 series certification page release configurations, released normally, terminal normally received and verified.
         [USG2130] acl 3000
         [USG2130-acl-adv-3000] rule permit ip source
         [USG2130-acl-adv-3000] quit
         [USG2130] firewall zone trust
         [USG2130-zone-trust] firewall authentication session-based 3000 outzone
         [USG2130-zone-trust] quit
Root Cause
By ethereal view, USG2130 not publish WEB authentication page.

We can solve the problem by Ethereal positioning and adopting ACL push.