Client PC can automatically obtain the IP address, but can't get the gateway.

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Issue Description
Client PC can automatically obtain the IP address, can't get gateway.
DHCP configuration is as follows
interface Ethernet0/0/1
ip address
dhcp select interface
dhcp server dns-list
dhcp server option 33 ip
dhcp server expired day 7 hour 12
Alarm Information
Handling Process
In the DHCP configuration there are configuration of option, After delete the dhcp server option 33 ip inside the DHCP server, the client PC can obtain IP address normally. 
Root Cause
DHCP server option command is used to configure the custom options of current interface’s DHCP address pool.
DHCP custom options are optional, only configured in need. Commonly used functions, such as configure client DNS service, NetBIOS service, lease, can’t use Option command, only through the correlation order to achieve.
Configure custom option might impact the working process of the DHCP, please use caution.