Use Secospace TSM as a radius server, but SA terminal certification fails due to the use of multiple network cards

Publication Date:  2012-09-14 Views:  199 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
 SA ------------- | s3500 | --------------- Secospace (SM, SC)
Start 802.1x on the S3500, SM as a RADIUS certification server.  The SM uses dual network cards. The addresses are192.168.0.104, and Use as 802.1X RADIUS certification server end. SA can not pass certification.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Disable the network card,just moved to another machine. 
Root Cause
Packet capture tool to see, S3500 send request message to SM RADIUS, source address is, (S3500's address), and destination address is  SM response message source address is, and the destination address is The address that selected during SM do the encapsulation of the packet is wrong