In what condition does SIG,as the test equipment,report information network traffic to ATIC when they are cooperated?

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Issue Description
In what condition does SIG, as the test equipment, report information network traffic to ATIC when they are cooperated with each other?
Alarm Information
Handling Process
SIG system will report the traffic information to ATIC in two cases:
1. Attack arises and goes over the threshold of key account;
2. Turn on the dynamic baseline switch, then SIG start to report immediately.
The reason SIG does not report to ATIC is because SIG test the traffic of all network, and with much IP address. A large number of IP address traffic statistical information will be sent to the ATIC collector if SIG report all the time,and it will lead to ATIC breakdown. So, SIG will send the key account IP address traffic information to ATIC when attack arises and the dynamic baseline is configured.
Root Cause