The maintenance group user can not manage other users.

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Issue Description
Create “testuser” user, and join in“ maintenance group ” permission . Use the “testuser” user to login, below the “User” of the” NMS User Management”, can only see yourself, can not see any other user. Other users(such as release ,force exit, reset the password,  ect.) that can not be operating. Using “admin”  to log in, can see all the users.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
First step: use “admin”  to log in Network Management.
Second step: add ““security management group” permission to user “testuser”.
Third step: autientication permission: use “testuser” user  to log in Network Management, can see other users in the User Management ,also do modify operation.
Root Cause
1、“ maintenance group ” permission doesn’t  contain security management .
2、If want “testuser” user’s  permission doesn’t  contain security management (manage other users’ permission),add the “testuser” user to the “security management group”.