After imported license, there is on ipsec command

Publication Date:  2012-12-14 Views:  328 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Users purchased license, then imported and activated it successfully, but in USG5300 still has no relevant ipsec vpn configuration command.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Check the esn and lac number of the firewall, use notepad open the license file, they are all right.
Check the state of the license, whose state is active, normal.
Check the state of the firewall, “display firewall mode”, found the working mode is transport mode, ipsec can work normally only under routing mode.
Root Cause
1. The esn and lac number of the equipment have error.
2. The state of license is wrong.
3. The working mode of the firewall is wrong.
Aim at some small problems, need to analyze and check the problem in turns.