"The MAC address cannot be blank" Is Displayed on the WI

Publication Date:  2015-03-10 Views:  619 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
On the WI page, after a user enters the username and password, and clicks the login icon, "The MAC address cannot be blank" is displayed.
Handling Process
1. If the Windows TC or PC is used, install the client as prompted on the WI.
2. If Linux TC is used, install the Accessclient software that is delivered from the TCM.
For details about how to obtain the TCM and the Accessclient software, see the FusionCloud Desktop Solution V100R005CXXXXXX Version Mapping.
Root Cause
No client program is installed.
The Accessclient software is stored in different directories based on software version. You can obtain the software according to the version mapping table.