Loading Windows File Was Displayed Upon CNA Startup

Publication Date:  2014-07-15 Views:  317 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
A CNA node failed to restart after running for a period of time. The system froze at the message "loading windows file." The restart failed even after several attempts.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
The BIOS boot sequence of the server is changed, so that boot from the hard disk is prior to boot from the network.
Root Cause
The possible causes are as follows:
 The Windows OS was installed on the server, which overwrote the original system disk data.
 The system disk data was correct, but the system booted from other media instead of the hard disk.
According to maintenance personnel, the server was not reinstalled, but the server could not be restarted after running for a period of time. The BIOS configuration check on the server showed that boot from the PXE network was prior to boot from the hard disk, and the PXE server referenced images of the Windows OS.
If a CNA node has booted but fails to restart, the system data is inconsistent due to abnormal poweroff. This problem can be fixed by running fsck.
In this case, the CNA started from Windows, indicating that the system may be reinstalled or boot from other media. This problem can be fixed by checking the BIOS boot sequence.