Cannot establish multipoint conference with VP9030-M

Publication Date:  2014-08-29 Views:  388 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
VP9030-m had undergone RMA, as such, the customer received a new VP9030-M without a mini-mcu license.

Request was received by tac that the point to point call function is working but the three way call could not be established
Alarm Information
Insufficient resources 
Handling Process
License was received and sent to customer along with the instructions on how to upload and activate the license.

Even though the license has been uploaded without any error, the message insufficient resources was still present when trying to dial a three way call

Print screen of the system resources and result via SSH of comand mc info res was requested.

All of the information indicated that the license was active and enough resources.

perfomed remote login on customer network - where we found that the mini-mcu function in the web interface terminal was not enabled.

After enabling the three way call functioned as expected
Root Cause
It was determined that the 9030 was missing the mini-mcu license

Information such as mac, esn and contract number we're collected from the customer in order to send mail to in order to create the license

Always double check any settings and information the customer has provided