FAQ-Compressor suction pressure is too low or liquid returns, what should be done

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Compressor suction pressure is too low or liquid returns, what should be done?
1) If refrigerant filled is insufficient, please add refrigerant.

2) If indoor temperature is set too low, please set it higher.

3) If filters are clogged with dirt, please replace the filters.

4) If superheat degree that is set with the thermostatic expansion valve is inappropriate, please adjust the thermostatic expansion valve to an optimal degree.

5) If sensing bulb is disconnected from the thermostatic expansion valve, please reinstall the thermostatic expansion valve.

6) If external excess pressure is too high, and air decreases because of obstruction in air duct, please clean them.

7) If condensing pressure is too low, please repair condenser.

8) If air duct is uneven due to inappropriate design, please re-design and change the air duct.