Video Image Size Exceeding the Monitor Screen Size

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Issue Description
Applicable Models:
This fault may occur on DEC6001-E decoders.


The size of decoded video images exceeds the monitor screen size.
Handling Process
Step 1 Check the maximum resolution of the monitor screen.

Step 2 Lower the output resolution of the decoder.

1. Log in to the IPC web page as the admin user.

For details about the default password of the admin user, see the user guide for the device.

2. Choose Settings > Device Settings > Port Settings. The page shown in Figure 1 is displayed.

Figure 1  Port Settings page

3. Set the Output resolution parameter. Table 1 lists different types of resolutions.

Table 1  Resolution type

The output resolution varies according to the port. Select an appropriate output resolution based on the site requirements.

Step 3 Click Save.

The setting is saved.

Step 4 Check whether the fault is rectified.
  • If yes, no further operation is required.
  • If no, contact your service provider.
Root Cause
The output resolution of the decoder exceeds the maximum resolution of the monitor screen.