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Failure to Write Configured Data into the Database on the Web Configuration Console

Publication Date:  2015-06-29 Views:  647 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
After you click Write DB on the web configuration console, a failure message is displayed, indicating that the configured data fails to be written into the database.
Handling Process
1. Verify that the database and ApLogic can ping each other.
If no, check the network between the database and ApLogic to rectify the fault.
2. Verify that a correct version of the database client has been installed.
The database client and the ApLogic must be installed on the same server. If the Oracle database is used, the database client must be 32-bit.
3. Verify that the connection character string is correctly configured for the data source.
a. Log in to the Agent Management system as the system administrator (user name/password: sysadmin/Huawei@123).
b. Choose Web Configuration Console > System Configuration > Data Source. Click   from the data source to check.
c. Check the connection character string.
The connection character string varies depending on the database type.
− Oracle: local NET service name. Obtain the value from the tnsnames.ora file in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin on the Oracle database client.

For details about the tnsnames.ora file, see How Do I Configure the Oracle Database Client. In this commissioning task, the database client is deployed on the ApLogic server.
− SQL Server: Database server IP address\Instance name@Database name
In this commissioning task, the database name is ICD_DB_SERVICE.

You can obtain the database name, instance name, and IP address from the CTI database administrator.
4. Verify that the ApLogic has loaded the data source.
tail -f /home/icd/icddir/log/proxy/201/proxy201.log
In this command, 201 indicates the ApLogic process ID, which must be the same as the value of ProgId configured in Configuring the Platform Data Source.
If the command output contains information similar to the following, the data source with the alias db_sys has been successfully loaded:
Connect Success. DataSource=db_sys, ConnectionIndex=0, UserName=icd, DBString=ipcc, SpendTime=28ms
If the ApLogic fails to load the data source, refer to Table 2-1 to rectify the fault.
Table 2-1 Troubleshooting method

5. If the fault still persists, obtain help through the channels described in Help Channels.
Root Cause
 The database client has not been installed on the server where the ApLogic (a proxy for the CTI platform components to access the database) is installed, or an incorrect version of the database client has been installed.
 The connection character string is incorrectly configured for the data source.
 The ApLogic fails to load the data source.