FAQ-How Can I Use Backup Exec Software to Back Up Oracle Databases in Linux

Publication Date:  2015-08-04 Views:  383 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
How can I use Backup Exec software to back up Oracle databases in Linux?

Products and versions:

VTL3500 V100R002
VTL6000 V100R003
VTL6900 V100R005

1.  Check the databases on the client and verify that 14 rows of scott.emp data entries exist. 

2.  Create a backup job and select the databases on the client.

3.  Set the resource key, choose Oracle user name for host name, and choose sys user name for database user name.

4.  Set the job name to Backup-Linux-Oracle.

5.  Set the database backup mode to full backup or incremental backup.

6.  Perform the created backup job.