FAQ-What Can I Do If the Conference Audio Cannot Be Heard

Publication Date:  2015-08-07 Views:  121 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
I used a DVI to HDMI cable to connect a monitor to the HD OUT 1 port on the endpoint. When the local site joined a conference, no conference audio could be heard through the local speakers. What can I do?
The endpoint can output both video and audio to the monitor through the DVI to HDMI cable simultaneously after you set the output mode of the video output port to DVI (AUDIO).

To do so:

1. From the remote controlled UI, choose Settings > Video > Video Output. Alternatively, from the web interface, choose System Settings > Input/Output > Video Output.

2. Select the HD video output port you want to set, such as HD OUT 1.

3. Set Output mode to DVI (AUDIO).