RH2288 V3 - ESXI server got freeze twice in a week ?

Publication Date:  2015-08-31 Views:  575 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Server : RH2288 V3

OS : ESXI 5.5

symptom : ESXI server installed on RH2288 V3  got freeze twice in a week

Alarm Information

Alarm :

Handling Process
1- collecring logs to check whether is there any hardware alarm or not ?.
2- checking the BIOS version
Root Cause

1- after we have checked the logs we found that server has no hardware error.

2- we found that BIOS need to be upgraded to latest version as EXSI freeze issue fixed in latest BIOS version


Solution :

problem fixed after customer upgraded the BIOS to latest version.

Note :

Current BIOS version for RH2288 V3 is V130

latest BIOS version for RH2288 V3 is V156


BIOS upgrade guide :