X6800 can't load ISO through KVM

Publication Date:  2016-06-22 Views:  348 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

X6800 can't load ISO through KVM

Alarm Information
Handling Process

1. check if the ISO file name include Chinese and path is too long

2. Check if there are other servers face the same issue, and exclude JAVA version and setting

3. telnet BMC ip 8082, check if KVM remote port been blocked

4. Login BMC, BMC part function not correct, suspect BMC process hang, execute bellow command to reset BMC process,problem solved.

   ipmcset -d reset

Root Cause

Can't find the root cause, exclude other reasons when do trouble shooting, then suspect BMC process hang issue.

But this issue can't reappear.

Login BMC and reset it,ipmcset -d reset