OptiX OSN 7500 II&7500&3500&1500 Supporting Tasks(V200R012C00_01)

Publication Date:2012-10-04 Views:1508 Downloads: 5 Document No.: DOC0100587068 Product Version: OptiX OSN 1500A V200R012 Description:

00-1 Title Page

00-2 About This Document

00-3 Contents

01-01 Service-Associated Tasks on the NMS

01-02 Tasks Associated with the NE Database

01-03 Software Loopback

01-04 Hardware Loopback

01-05 Querying and Configuring Ports on Boards

01-06 Configuring Port Mirroring

01-07 Enabling the REG Function of the Optical Interface Board

01-08 Querying Lower Order Cross-Connection Resources

01-09 Querying the Board Information Report

01-10 Querying the Board Manufacturer Information Report

01-11 Querying the Working Temperature

01-12 Querying the Name of a NE Physical Board

01-13 Querying the Operation Log of the NMS

01-14 Querying the Optical Power

01-15 Querying and Clearing the Switching Status

01-16 Querying and Setting the Processing Mode of the Non-Standard Frame

01-17 Querying and Setting the Processing Mode of the Errored Frame

01-18 Enabling Disabling Lasers

01-19 Resetting Boards

01-20 Configuring the FEC Function

01-21 Configuring Trace Byte

01-22 Configuring C2 Byte

01-23 Enabling Disabling and Setting Performance Monitoring of the NE

01-24 Setting the Threshold for the SDH Performance Event

01-25 Setting the Threshold for the Bit Error Alarm

01-26 Powering Off the Equipment

01-27 Setting the AIS Insertion Switch

01-28 Setting Automatic Laser Shutdown

01-29 Testing the Received Optical Power

01-30 Testing the Transmitted Optical Power

01-31 Replacing Boards Onsite

01-32 Viewing the Current Alarms

01-33 Viewing the History Alarms

01-34 Browsing SDH Performance Events

01-35 Browsing RMON Performance Events

01-36 Cleaning the Air Filter

01-37 Checking the Optical Fiber Connector

01-38 Cleaning the Optical Fiber Connector

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