FusionStorage V100R003C30U1 Alarm Handling 01

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01-01 ALM-51001 OSD Is Out of Service

01-02 ALM-51003 Faulty Storage Pool

01-03 ALM-51004 Faulty Hard Disk

01-04 ALM-51005 Hard Disk Space Insufficient

01-05 ALM-51006 Storage Pool Space Is Insufficient

01-06 ALM-51007 Communication Between the MDC and the VBS Is Interrupted

01-07 ALM-51009 Hard Disk Not Detected

01-08 ALM-51011 Faulty ZooKeeper Cluster

01-09 ALM-51014 Hard Disk Is in the Suboptimal State

01-10 ALM-51015 Abnormal Hard Disk Temperature

01-11 ALM-51016 Faulty SSD Card

01-12 ALM-51017 Abnormal SSD Temperature

01-13 ALM-51018 Faulty SSD Capacitor

01-14 ALM-51019 Erasable Times of the SSD Card Exceeded the Threshold

01-15 ALM-51020 SSD Bad Block Rate Exceeds the Threshold

01-16 ALM-51024 Data Redundancy of the Storage Pool Is Degraded

01-17 ALM-51025 Failed to Synchronize Data to a Mirror Volume

01-18 ALM-51026 Mirrored Volume Failed to Synchronize Data

01-19 ALM-51027 Failed to Automatically Restore Bad Blocks of Volumes

01-20 ALM-51028 Heavy Load of Storage I O

01-21 ALM-51029 OSD Node in Suboptimal State

01-22 ALM-51030 Server Node in Suboptimal State

01-23 ALM-51032 Communication Between the MDC and the VFS Is Interrupted

01-24 ALM-51033 VBS Module Failed to Load a Storage Pool

01-25 ALM-51034 Client Module Failed to Load a Storage Pool

01-26 ALM-51035 VBS Metadata Loading Failure

01-27 ALM-51036 I O Block on an OSD Node

01-28 ALM-51037 Controller Node Is Faulty

01-29 ALM-51038 Excessive Volumes and Snapshots

01-30 ALM-51039 Metadata in the VBS memory is inconsistent with the persistently stored metadata

01-31 ALM-51040 A Server Is Out of Service

01-32 ALM-51041 Excessive System File Handles

01-33 ALM-51042 Failed to Disable Disk Write Cache

01-34 ALM-51055 MDC Node in Suboptimal State

01-35 ALM-51200 Storage Pool Is Stopped

01-36 ALM-51450 Faulty NVMe SSD

01-37 ALM-51451 Abnormal NVMe SSD Temperature

01-38 ALM-51452 Faulty NVMe SSD Capacitor

01-39 ALM-51453 Average Number of NVMe SSD Erase Times Is About to Exceed the Threshold

01-40 ALM-51454 NVMe SSD Bad Block Ratio Exceeds the Threshold

01-41 ALM-51608 Namespace Abnormal

01-42 ALM-51609 The Arbitration Gateway is Lost

01-43 ALM-51610 Abnormal Data Synchronization Between Active and Standby FSM Nodes

01-44 ALM-51611 Metadata Inconsistency Between the FSM Node and the Control Cluster

01-45 ALM-51618 A Connection Exception Occurred in the SNMP Station

01-46 ALM-51801 Abnormal MDC Process

01-47 ALM-51802 Abnormal VBS Process

01-48 ALM-51803 Abnormal OSD Process

01-49 ALM-51804 Abnormal ZooKeeper Process

01-50 ALM-51806 Faulty Metadata Disk

01-51 ALM-51807 Metadata Disk Space Insufficient

01-52 ALM-51808 Incompatible Hard Disk Firmware

01-53 ALM-51811 Incompatible Hard Disk Model

01-54 ALM-51812 Disk Partition Space Insufficient

01-55 ALM-51813 NVDIMM Not Detected

01-56 ALM-51814 Faulty NVDIMM

01-57 ALM-51816 NVDIMM Capacitor Not Detected

01-58 ALM-51817 NVDIMM Capacitor Service Life Expired

01-59 ALM-51818 NVDIMM Capacitor Temperature Exceeds the Threshold

01-60 ALM-51820 Low-Energy NVDIMM Capacitor

01-61 ALM-51822 Clock Synchronization Process on the FSA Is Abnormal

01-62 ALM-51823 Failed to Synchronize Time by the FSA from the Upper-Layer NTP Server

01-63 ALM-51824 IB Network Management Process Is Abnormal

01-64 ALM-51825 Abnormal FSA Process

01-65 ALM-51826 Shared Volume File System Is Abnormal

01-66 ALM-51827 XFS File System Is Abnormal

01-67 ALM-51828 PCIe Channel Is Abnormal

01-68 ALM-51829 Shared Volume Space Is Insufficient

01-69 ALM-51830 Actual Network Port Rate Inconsistent with the Supported Rate

01-70 ALM-51832 High CPU Load

01-71 ALM-51833 High Network Load

01-72 ALM-51834 Abnormal VFS Process

01-73 ALM-51836 Abnormal SMIO_JBODMNG Process

01-74 ALM-51837 Abnormal file system partition

01-75 ALM-51901 Failed to Synchronize Time by the FSM from the Upper-Layer NTP Server

01-76 ALM-51904 Failed to Back Up FSM Data

01-77 ALM-51905 FSM Resources Are Abnormal

01-78 ALM-51906 Heartbeat Communication Between the Active and Standby FSM Nodes Interrupted

01-79 ALM-51908 Disk Partition Space Is Insufficient

01-80 ALM-51910 No NTP Clock Source Is Configured for FSM

01-81 ALM-51911 Heartbeat Connection Between the Metadata Server and FSM Is Interrupted

01-82 ALM-51912 Active and Standby GaussDB Databases Synchronization Link Interrupted

01-83 ALM-51915 VBS Metadata Full Backup Failure

01-84 ALM-51916 MDC Metadata Full Backup Failure

01-85 ALM-51917 VBS Key Information Backup Failure

01-86 ALM-51918 MDC Key Information Backup Failure

01-87 ALM-52001 IB NIC Port in Suboptimal State

01-88 ALM-52002 Faulty NIC Port

01-89 ALM-52003 Status of an IB NIC Is Abnormal

01-90 ALM-52004 Faulty IB Switch Port

01-91 ALM-52005 Faulty IB Switch

01-92 ALM-52006 Faulty IB Subnet

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