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(video) KunLun Mission Critical Server Hardware Installation and Parts Replacement 03

Publication Date: 2017-11-29 Views: 8092 Downloads: 1722 Document No.: EDOC1000118007 Document in Chinese Description:

1.1.10 Replacing an FPC

1.1.11 Replacing an REE

1.1.12 Removing an Acoustic Door

1.1.13 Installing an Acoustic Door

1.1.1 Installing a CME

1.1.2 Removing the CME

1.1.3 Installing an SCE

1.1.4 Removing an SCE

1.1.5 Removing an SCE (Supporting REEs)

1.1.6 Installing an SCE (Supporting REEs)

1.1.7 Installing an APD

1.1.8 Removing the APD

1.1.9 Replacing a Front Bezel

1.10.1 Replacing an Air Duct (REE)

1.10.2 Replacing a Hard Disk (Switch Module)

1.10.3 Replacing a RAID Controller Card (Switch Module)

1.10.4 Replacing a Supercapacitor (Switch Module)

1.11.1 Replacing a Hot-Swappable PCIe Card(REE)

1.11.2 Replacing a non-hot-swappable PCIe card (REE)

1.2.1 Replacing a PFM in the CME

1.2.2 Replacing an ACM

1.2.3 Replacing a CPI

1.2.4 Replacing a CIM

1.2.5 Replacing a CMC

1.3.10 Replacing a Fan Module

1.3.11 Installing an AC PSU in an SCE

1.3.1 Replacing an SCM

1.3.2 Replacing an FIO (FIO-A)

1.3.3 Replacing an FIO (FIO-B)

1.3.4 Replacing an FIO-G (Supporting REEs)

1.3.5 Replacing a BIO

1.3.6 Replacing an NCM

1.3.7 Replacing an LPM

1.3.8 Replacing an Indicator Board

1.3.9 Replacing an Indicator Board Interface Module

1.4.1 Replacing an MBM

1.4.2 Replacing a CPU

1.4.3 Replacing a DIMM

1.5.1 Replacing a Hard Disk (FIO-A)

1.5.2 Replacing a PRM (FIO-A)

1.5.3 Replacing a PCIe Card in the FIO (FIO-A)

1.5.4 Replacing a RAID Controller Card (FIO-A)

1.5.5 Replacing a Supercapacitor (FIO-A)

1.6.1 Replacing a Hard Disk (FIO-B)

1.6.2 Replacing a RAID Controller Card (FIO-B)

1.6.3 Replacing a Supercapacitor (FIO-B)

1.7.1 Replacing an LOM

1.8.1 Replacing a Hot-Swappable PCIe Card (SCE)

1.8.2 Replacing a Non-Hot-Swappable PCIe Card (SCE)

1.9.1 Replacing a Switch Module

1.9.2 Replacing a Fan Module (REE)

1.9.3 Replacing a Full-height Hot-Swappable BIO (BIO-E)

1.9.4 Replacing a Half-Height BIO (BIO-C or BIO-D)

1.9.5 Replacing an AC PSU from an REE)

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