Agile Controller EEM V200R008C20 Alarm Handling

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01-01 EEM_103104606 Alarm dump success

01-02 EEM_103104607 Dump path not exists dump fails

01-03 EEM_1110000114 License no upload

01-04 EEM_1110000115 License expiring

01-05 EEM_1110000116 License invalid

01-06 EEM_1110000119 Trai license ESN not match

01-07 EEM_1110000120 System monitor high

01-08 DCP_103104501 DataBase offline

01-09 DCP_103104502 FTP Access Failure

01-10 DCP_103104503 DCP Restart

01-11 DCP_103104504 High CPU Usage

01-12 DCP_103104505 Insufficient Memory Usage

01-13 DCP_103104506 Insufficient Disk Space

01-14 DCP_103104507 Cache update success

01-15 DCP_103104508 Cache Update Failure

01-16 DCP_103104509 Log upload success

01-17 DCP_103104510 Log Upload Failure

01-18 DCP_103104511 Load Balancer Connection Failure

01-19 DCP_103104512 TCP Connection Exceeding

01-20 DCP_103104411 Unknown device

01-21 DCU_103104401 Terminal offline

01-22 DCU_103104402 Terminal Cover Opening

01-23 DCU_103104403 Terminal Hardware Exception

01-24 DCU_103104404 DI0 Trigger

01-25 DCU_103104405 DI1 Trigger

01-26 DCU_103104410 Authentication Failure

01-27 DCU_103104412 Terminal Clock Difference Exceeding Alarm

01-28 DCU_103104414 Meter Profile Integrity Verification Failure

01-29 DCU_103104608 Meter Profile Inconsistency

01-30 DCU_103104434 Configuration File Damage Event

01-31 DCU_103104436 Profile Damage Event

01-32 DCU_103104437 Log Failure Event

01-33 DCC_103104435 RTC Battery Alarm

01-34 DCC_103104431 Temperature Sensor Chip Alarm

01-35 DCC_103104432 UIU Alarm

01-36 DCC_103104433 Low Battery Power Alarm

01-37 DCC_103104415 Battery Fault Alarm

01-38 DCC_103104425 RF Module Fault Alarm

01-39 DCC_103104419 MCU Fault Alarm

01-40 DCC_103104421 Ethernet PHY Fault Alarm

01-41 DCC_113104209 Lightning Strike Event

01-42 Meter_113104001 Electrical Meter Power-off

01-43 Meter_113104003 Meter Cover Opening

01-44 Meter_113104004 Time Adjustment

01-45 Meter_113104005 Switch-off

01-46 Meter_113104006 Switch-on

01-47 Meter_113104007 Programming

01-48 Meter_113104008 Demand Reset

01-49 Meter_113104009 Event Cleared

01-50 Meter_113104010 Meter Clock Difference Exceeding Alarm

01-51 Meter_113104011 Battery Undervoltage Alarm

01-52 Meter_113104012 Insufficient Balance

01-53 Meter_113104013 Repeater Fault Alarm

01-54 Meter_113104014 Arrearage Alarm

01-55 Meter_113104016 Meter Reset

01-56 Meter_113104101 Phase-A Voltage Loss

01-57 Meter_113104102 Phase-B Voltage Loss

01-58 Meter_113104103 Phase-C Voltage Loss

01-59 Meter_113104110 Loss of Phase A

01-60 Meter_113104111 Loss of Phase B

01-61 Meter_113104112 Loss of Phase C

01-62 Meter_113104114 Negative Phase Sequence of Voltage

01-63 Meter_113104115 Negative Phase Sequence of Current

01-64 Meter_113104118 Phase-A Current Loss

01-65 Meter_113104119 Phase-B Current Loss

01-66 Meter_113104120 Phase-C Current Loss

01-67 Meter_113104129 Phase-A Reversal Tidal Current

01-68 Meter_113104130 Phase-B Reversal Tidal Current

01-69 Meter_113104131 Phase-C Reversal Tidal Current

01-70 Meter_113104132 Phase-A Overload

01-71 Meter_113104133 Phase-B Overload

01-72 Meter_113104134 Phase-C Overload

01-73 Meter_113104135 Reverse Connection of a Zero Line

01-74 Meter_113104136 Loss of Phase

01-75 Meter_113104204 Electricity Theft by Zero Line Disconnection

01-76 Meter_113104205 Power Unbalance

01-77 Meter_113104206 Phase Line Bypass Electricity Theft

01-78 Meter_113104208 Data Tampering

01-79 Meter_113104301 Alarm for Long Logout of a PLC Meter

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