OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 eReplication Event Reference 03

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01-01 0x3230008 Failed to Execute a Protected Group

01-02 0x323000D Invalid Protected Group

01-03 0x323000E VM Is Removed From a Protected Group

01-04 0x3230010 None

01-05 0x3230011 VMs in a Protected Group Belong to Different Environments

01-06 0x3230014 Failed to Back Up System Configuration Data

01-07 0x3230015 CPU Usage of the Agent Process Exceeds the Threshold

01-08 0x3230016 RPO Requirement Is Not Met

01-09 0x3230017 RPO Warning

01-10 0xE012C0011 Failed to Register the Trap IP Address with a Device

01-11 0x3230018 Failed to Delete a VM Snapshot

01-12 0x3230019 Failed to Unfreeze an Application

01-13 0x323001A VM Does Not Meet Protection Requirements

01-14 0x323001B Abnormal Communication with a Remote Management Server

01-15 0x323001C Software Versions Are Inconsistent Between Management Servers

01-16 0x323001D Failed to Forcibly Archive Database Logs

01-17 0x323001E Failed to Change the Remote Replication Rate

01-18 0x323001F License-Authorized Capacity Is Insufficient

01-19 0x3230020 VM Resource Mapping Configuration Is Incomplete

01-20 0x3230021 Storage Resource Plan for a VM Does Not Meet Snapshot Protection Requirements and the VM I

01-21 0x3230022 Storage Resource Plan for a VM Does Not Meet Remote Replication or HyperMetro Protection R

01-22 0x3230023 VM Configuration Does Not Meet Host Replication Protection Requirements and the VM Is Not

01-23 0x3230024 Certificate Has Expired

01-24 0x3230025 Certificate Is Not Trusted

01-25 0x3230027 The DR Configuration of Volumes That Are No Longer Used by VMs Is Not Cleared

01-26 0x3230028 Failed to Clear the DR Configuration of a VM

01-27 0x3230029 Replication Protection Is Not Configured for Volumes Used by a VM

01-28 0x000803220001 CPU Usage of the BCManager Server Exceeds the Threshold

01-29 0x000803220002 Memory Usage of the BCManager Server Exceeds the Threshold

01-30 0x000803220004 Disk Usage of the BCManager Server Exceeds the Threshold

01-31 0x000803220005 NE Offline

01-32 0x000803220101 Failed to Authenticate Reported SNMP Alarms

01-33 0x00080322000d Failed to Obtain a Device Engine ID

01-34 0x323002c The Placeholder VM Does Not Exist

01-35 0x323002d The Placeholder VM Is Not Configured

01-36 0x323002e Configurations of the Placeholder VM and the VM Are Inconsistent

01-37 0x323002f The HyperMetro Status Is Abnormal

01-38 0x3230030 HA Heartbeat Disconnection

01-39 0x3230031 HA Synchronization Failure

01-40 0x3230033 HA Link Interruption

01-41 0x3230034 HA Gateway Inaccessible

01-42 0x3230035 GaussDB Not Running

01-43 0x3230036 Arbitration Service Abnormal

01-44 0x3230037 Service Instance Switchover Failure

01-45 0x3230038 Service Instances Reprotection Failure

01-46 0x3230039 Planned Migration of Service Instance Failed

01-47 0x323003A VM Does Not Meet Protection Requirements

01-48 0x323003B DR Configurations of Unused Volume Resources Not Cleared

01-49 0x323003C Replication Protection Is Not Created for Volumes Used by a VM

01-50 0x323003D Removal of Protected VMs from Service Instance

01-51 0x323003E Service Instance Not Meet Fault Recovery Requirements

01-52 0x323003F IAM Certificate Update Failure

01-53 0x3230040 Volume Metadata Upgrade Failure

01-54 0x3230041 Metering Information Report Failure

01-55 0x3230042 Log Report Service Connection Failure

01-56 0x3230043 Replication Between The Active And Standby GaussDB Databases In The HA Cluster Is Down

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