Typical configuration for one link realizing VoIP and VoFR service at the same time.

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Issue Description
Handling Process
From R2631E if you dial 8888, the call is a voip call.If you dial 77, the call is a VoFR call.From R3640E if you dial 2222,then the call is a voip call.If you dial 11,then the call is a VoFR call.
Root Cause
VoIP realize voice service via layer-3 ,IP link.VoFR realize voice service via layer-2.
One link for two voice services.VoFR provide voice service via FrameRelay link(layer-2).VoIP provide voice service via IP packet(layer-3).VoFR packet the voice signal and transport it not basing on IP network,but Frame Relay network.