FAQ-NE80 one BGP protocol alarm meaning and solution

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Issue Description
On NE80, there are alarms in logs
#Jan 19
15:20:34 2005 NC_ZXJ_NE80_R1 BGP/1/Trap4:
         BGP FSM moves from a higher numbered state to a lower numbered state BgpPeerRemoteAddr = 211.xxx.46.232
         BgpPeerState = 2
Alarm Information


Handling Process

This is NE80 BGP neighbor alarm information, which is trap sent to NMS
The possible reasons are:

If we only configure BGP neighbor locally, while the peer couldn`t be contact; or the normal BGP neighbor interrupts.BGP will try to re-establish its neighbor, if fails, the alarms will be printed out.


1.remove the unwanted BGP neighbor.
2.if it is normal BGP neighbor, check the reason of BGP neighbor interruption.

BgpPeerState meaning
1 =idle
2 =connect
3 =active
4 =opensent
5 =openconfirm
6 =established

Root Cause