The Server Restarts Repeatedly During the Operating System Installation

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The server automatically restarts repeatedly during the operating system installation.
Check the event logs of the BMC Web.
Start the server and enter the BIOS configuration program. Do as follows to disable the BMC WDT function:
Choose Advanced > IPMI 2.0 Configuration.Change Reset System of the BMC WDT Action For OS Loader function to Disable.
According to the BMC event logs, Watchdog 2 restarts the system every 20 minutes. It is initially suspected that the Watchdog automatically restarts the system when the OS Loader detects that the operating system cannot be started.

By default, BMC WDT function is disabled. If the BMC WDT Action For OS Loader function is enabled during the operating system installation, the system restarts every 20 minutes.
  1. Modify the BIOS/BMC settings with cautions.
  2. In case of similar problems, it is recommended to check the software configurations first and then the hardware. The default management IP address and password need to be remembered after changed.