The Watchdog Service Is Not Restarted After the Modification of DiskGuard Configuration

Publication Date:  2012-07-17 Views:  307 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
After the protection policy of DiskGuard was configured, disk synchronization was to be performed at 0:00. It was found that the synchronization was not performed and the DiskGuard service was stopped on the second day.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Stop the DiskGuard process (open Windows Task Manager, right-click the DiskGuard process, and then stop it).
Restart the DiskGuard service (right-click the DiskGuard service and start it).
Restart the watchdog service (similar to the operation of restarting the DiskGuard service)
Root Cause
During the configuration of the DiskGuard service, the local IP address is changed. As the watchdog service is not restarted, it continues to search for the services at the original IP address. If these services are not found, the DiskGuard service is restarted every three minutes, and the Windows logs about the starting of the DiskGuard service are recorded every three minutes.
If the DiskGuard parameters are modified during the configuration of the DiskGuard policy, you should restart the watchdog service.