N8000 Can’t Be Log in With Console ip Because the Configuration File Mismatch

Publication Date:  2013-05-07 Views:  255 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
When you login the system, you can’t use the master account. When you check the network, the console ip is online.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1)      Make sure that the pubeth0 is linked
ethtool pubeth0
2)      Check whether the console ip is online in pubeth0
hares –display |grep “console ip”
3)  Modify /opt/VRTSnasgw/conf/consoledevicefile , make sure the port is mapped with pubeth0
4)  Modify main.cf , make sure the console device is pubeth0
Root Cause
Check the network connection first, and then check the resources, found all the status is correct. Only the configuration file main.cf is mismatched with the real configuration. Modify the files, and then restart the network.