How to Collect the Disk Concatenation Information on the VIS6000?

Publication Date:  2012-07-19 Views:  181 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Similar to the database information of Huawei self-developed disk arrays, the disk concatenation information on the VIS6000 can be used to recover the disk configuration on the VIS6000. After the VIS project is implemented, the concatenation information must be collected and stored.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Log in to the CLI on controllers A and B, run the following commands to collect the disk concatenation information:
  1. On controller A: VIS CLI:root>vxblnk deportto /OSM/config/sfA.tgz
  2. On controller B: VIS CLI:root>vxblnk deportto /OSM/config/sfB.tgz
sfA.tgz and sfB.tgz indicate the disk concatenation information.
Root Cause