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Number of connections reaches the maximum limit during login to a client

Publication Date:  2012-07-19 Views:  453 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Number of connections reaches the maximum limit during login to a client.
Alarm Information
Handling Process

l           For Cause 1:

1.         Log in to a client and choose Administration > NMS Security > NMS User Management.

2.         In the NMS User Management navigation tree, expand the User node and select the user to be checked.

3.         Click the Details tab at the right of the window to view the Maximum number of Online users.

l           For Cause 2:

1.         Log in to the VSM server as an administrator.

2.         Choose Start > Run and enter cmd to open the command line window.

3.         Back up the configuration file (ds_889_svc.xml) by using the following commands:

cd /d %IMAP_ROOT%\etc\conf

copy ds_889_svc.xml ds_889_svc.xml.bak

4.         Change the DS configuration file ds_889_svc.xml.

       If Xmx is smaller than Xms, change the values of the two.

      If Xmx is larger than Xms, change -Xmx512m to –Xmx1024m.

5.         Run the following commands to import the changed configuration file.



cd /d %IMAP_ROOT%\etc\conf

SettingTool -cmd import -file ds_889_svc.xml

6.         Log in to the VSM monitoring system and stop the desktop service process.

7.         End the imapsysd process in Task Manager.

1.         Enter daem_ps and check the process ID of imapsysd.exe.

2.         Run the command: taskkill /F /pid 17204, where 17204 is the process ID of imapsysd.exe.

8.         Run the start_daem command the start the imapsysd process.

9.         Start the desktop service process in the VSM monitoring system.

10.      Log in to the VSM client.

Root Cause
The possible causes are as follows:
l           Cause 1: The online users logged in to the client has reached the upper limit.
l           Cause 2: If the memory size of the server is smaller than 8 GB, the maximum memory of the DS is 512 MB. In this case, the maximum number of allowed concurrent online users is 10. If 10 users have already logged in to the client, other users cannot log in to the client.