Certificate Anonymous Authentication Failure on the SVN3000

Publication Date:  2012-07-20 Views:  110 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The SVN3000 was configured for certificate anonymous authentication and VPNDB authorization. After a user was authenticated, the authentication page was redisplayed without any error messages.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Debug the SSL error. There is no output, which indicates that the certificate authentication process is normal.
Debug the VPNDB error. A message is displayed stating that user A does not exist.
Add user A and set the password to any values. The authentication succeeds.
Root Cause
Anomalies occur during authentication or authorization.
A password is required for creating a user in the VPNDB. The password is useless in certificate anonymous authentication mode, because authorization is based on the user name. Therefore, the password can be set to any values.