Live Video Time Differs From the Host Time Because the Encoder Time Is Incorrect

Publication Date:  2012-07-20 Views:  122 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
iNVS V100R002C02
The time displayed on a live video on the TV matrix differs from that on the host with PVM software.
Alarm Information
Handling Process

Change the system time of the encoder.

Root Cause

Cause analysis:
1.         Open the configuration page of the encoder that sends the video with incorrect time.
2.         Click the CONFIG tab.
3.         In the Configuration dialog box that is displayed, choose System Config > GENERAL.
System Time is different from the current time. It is inferred that the incorrect time on the Dahua encoder causes the time on the live video to be different from the host time.
Check the time configuration of the Dahua encoder

The time on the encoder is incorrect, which causes that the live video time to be different from the host time.