VRRP cannot be switched after two switches

Publication Date:  2013-05-07 Views:  321 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Device model: USG2130  V100R005    Switch: S2300
Description: If the USG interface which is connected to switch is down, the USG VRRP can switch normally. If the lines between switches are full broken, USG will not standby switch,  there will be no relevant debug VRRP information.

Alarm Information
Handling Process
1 Check VRRP configuration, they are correct;
2 Suspect that USG middle line passes the VRRP message, but it can’t be switched when the USG middle line is broken;
3 It can be switch normally when directly cut off the main USG line connected with switch. This is determined by VRRP working principle. VRRP will cause the standby switch if only the interface is DOWN, so it can’t be switch only though cutting the link line between two switches. We can solve the problem by changing two USGs link to the same switch.
Root Cause
1 Suspect VRRP configuration;
2 Suspect connected line passes VRRP news;
It is recommended that two USG VRRP pick a switch when networking.