FAQ: How does USG2210 enable the mode of using VRRP function individual

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Issue Description
 Customers always feedback that why vrrp of USG device couldn’t configure priority level. Because USG device only supports two-node cluster hot backup with hrp, if VRRP function wants to be used individual, then what command should be done for transaction?
Alarm Information
Handling Process
[sysname] vrrp mode
Enable VRRP function individual after configure the command upwards, the series command line of supporting use VRRP function individual is invisible for hrp command.
If configured command line of using two-node cluster hot backup combined with hrp, after enable this function, if the commands of using VRRP function individual wants to be configured, it needs to cancel the former configuration manual.
The priority of VRRP could be configured after switch to using VRRP function individual mode, commands as bellow:
[USG5100-GigabitEthernet0/0/0]vrrp vrid 1 priority ?
INTEGER<1-254> Indicate the level of priority
Root Cause