USG2220 URL filtering function doesn't take effect

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The user opened the URL filtering function, active the license, configured the black/white list, pre-defined the policy and self defined policy, all of them don’t take effect. No policy match. URL filtering function doesn't take effect.
As below:
[USG2200]disp url-filter statistics
19:26:34 2011/08/08
Statistic information about URL filtering
Total HTTP requests : 0
Total permitted HTTP requests : 0
Total denied HTTP requests : 0
Match blacklist : 0
Match whitelist : 0
Match user-defined category : 0
Match pre-defined category : 0
Default action : 0
1 Make sure that the license for URL filtering function is activated and in the period of validity.
2 make sure the mode of firewall is UTM; check the configuration of each step, make sure that configuration is complete and the policy is correctly applied between the regions.
3 found out the policy 1 is executed, policy 2 no.
4 configure the “policy url-filter worktime” of policy 2 to policy 1, URL filtering function take effect.
1 policy hasn't been submitted after configuration
2 the configuration is un-complete.
3 the mode of firewall isn’t correct.
As long as one policy has been hit, the rests wouldn’t be executed. So we should add all the UTM function in one policy.