The dial-up client can't access the internal network resources.

Publication Date:  2012-09-14 Views:  201 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The client - USG2250 - private network - layer 3 switches - server
1 the client can access the gateway of USG2250 private network after dial-up successful by L2TP;
2 In USG2250 can ping the server's IP address too;
3 From the client can’t ping server.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1 USG2250 configuration is correct;
2 The server has set the gateway;
3 Through testing, the client can ping server normally;
4 The judgment is that the server side hasn’t the routing to L2TP address pool;
5 Configure the segment routing to L2TP address pool on the layer 3 switches, problem solving.
Root Cause
1 USG2250 configuration problem;
2 The server hasn’t configured gateway;
3 The server end hasn’t the routing to USG2250 L2TP address pool.