ELOG logging on web console cue error

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When user log on web console on ELOG server, the password input window is normally displayed, but it cue error after username and password keyed in. Error code:500 Error causes: system cannot find destination page.  
1. Check ELOG service, startup is normal.
2. As ELOG information collect cannot be interrupted, it cannot reboot all services, so it need reboot web service Secospace eLog LogServer alone. Then open logging page again, it cued system unknown exception, please contact customer services and report this. Changing sa password may lead to this problem, but the customer confirm that the data-base password is never changed.  
3. Reboot data-base service, enter logging window and input the password. This time, the access succeeds. 
1. ELOG servers are shutdown. 
2. Data-base exception 
3. web logging page lost
On the condition that sa password is changed, it need ModifyDBPassword.bat program to resolve.