The solution to that the optical port cannot negotiate.

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Issue Description
The client optical port cannot negotiate.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Step 1  check hardware
1、 Check the optical fiber and optical module
2、 The interface of two ends change to loopback ,check the function
3、 Check the optical port is distortion or not
4、 Undo shutdown the two end ports
Step 2  connection testing
1、 Autonegotiation testing,observe the state of two ends ports
2、 One end is autonegotiation ,the other is compulsion(alternated testing),observe the state of two ends ports
3、 Two ends of ports are compulsion , observe the state of two ends ports
Step 3  The connection testing cannot be passed ,it can connect the other equipment to negotiate.
Root Cause
The equipment optical ports aren’t compatible.