Wrong LNS address results VPN Client software L2TP VPN connect unsuccessful

Publication Date:  2012-09-26 Views:  1131 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
one VPN Client software install configuration finished,startup connect,report fault
Alarm Information
Handling Process
(1) open VPN Client help files check corresponding fault log,unsuccessful
(2)open VPN Client debug tools,choose all of options,check debug log
Found fault:[IOuter]<SOCK_T_ReceiveMsg>: recvfrom error
No corresponding help
(3)open Wireshark,set capture filter host is LNS address

From captured message know opposite did not open L2TP
(4)contact administrators found LNS address wrong,use changed LNS address,connect normal
Root Cause
(1)VPN clinet configure fault
(2)VPN Client configuration system problems

(1)VPN Client debug dialog too complexity hard to understand by enginer
(2)VPN Client help file class is not complete,no explain for this fault dialog
(3)VPN Client dispose message has problems,opposite feed back target port can not reach already,still sent StopCCN message to opposite