FAQ-如何查看USG5500V300R001 UTM日志信息

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如何查看USG5500V300R001 UTM日志信息?
       local-user auditor  password cipher %$%$s=-/Cg|no~.MqDEn5y<+`qh_%$%$
       local-user auditor  service-type web  telnet
       local-user auditor  level audit
User view commands:
  backup-configuration  Indicate backup configuration file for system startup
  cd                    Change current directory
  clock                 Specify the system clock
  compare               Compare function
  copy                  Copy from one file to another
  current-user          Indicate current user
  debugging             Indicate debugging
  delete                Delete a file
  dir                   List files on a file system
  display               Display current system information
  fixdisk               Recover lost chains in storage device
  format                Format the device
  free                  Clear user terminal interface
  ftp                   Open FTP connection
  language-mode         Specify the language environment
  lock                  Lock current user terminal interface
  mkdir                 Create a new directory
  more                  Display the contents of a file
  move                  Move the file
  pathmtu               Configure Path-MTU test
  ping                  Send echo messages
  pwd                   Display current working directory
  quench                Turn off the alarm light
  quit                  Exit from current command view
  reboot                Reboot system
  refresh               Do soft reset
  rename                Rename a file or directory
  reset                 Reset operation
  rmdir                 Remove an existing directory
  save                  Save current configuration
  schedule              schedule system task
  send                  Send information to other user terminal interface
  snmp-agent            Specify SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)
                        configuration information
  start-script          Run a script string on an UI
  startup               Indicate system startup parameters
  super                 Privilege current user a specified priority level
  system-view           Enter the system view
  telnet                Establish one TELNET connection
  terminal              Set the terminal line characteristics
  tftp                  Open TFTP connection
  tracert               Trace route to host
  undelete              Recover a deleted file
  undo                  Cancel current setting
  unzip                 Decompress a file
  upgrade               Indicate upgrade file
  xmodem                Establish an xmodem connection
  zip                   Compress a file