FusionSphere Alarm Management - Fiber Link Intermittently Disconnected

Publication Date:  2014-01-01 Views:  364 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
A host fiber disconnection alarm is generated on the FusionCompute portal. Services on the faulty user VM migrate to other user VMs. If this alarm is generated for the host housing the VRM VM, active/standby VRM switchover occurs and the host restarts.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Modify port fill word on the Brocade switch with the bandwidth of 8 Gbit/s to 1.
2. Upgrade the LPFC driver of the HBA to version
Root Cause
1. The bandwidth of the Brocade switch module is 8 Gbit/s, which is incompatible with the Qlogic HBA.
2. The LPFC driver of the HBA is incompatible with the host, resulting in occasional restart of the host after running for a long time.