MCU can't on line in the SMC2.0

Publication Date:  2014-03-30 Views:  289 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
MCU can't be on line in the SMC2.0
Alarm Information
The SMC is gray
Handling Process
  1. Use the SMC to ping MCU, it can be ping.
  2. Login the MUC by SSH, to check the connect port and password. the command:dis bnrm/dis manage-config.
  3. Set the connect mode as no encrpytion, the command:sys telnet-config enable-security-mode 0.
  4. Reboot the device, the MCU is on line.
Root Cause
  1. The network between SMC and MCU is not good.
  2. The parameter between SMC and MCU is wrong.
  3. The connect mode between SMC and MCU is incorrect.
The connection between SMC and MUC is a litte complex, we need to focus on the connection Mode and parameter.