when we upgrade license the TE30 upload license failed

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TE30 upload license failed after customer upload the license.
Upload the license normally, the issue is solved。
1. Make clear the situation of customer and operation.
    Customer feedback TE30 upload license failed after customer upload the license.。

2. After know this situation, we have this doubts,
A. Wrong name of the license file leads to this issue.
We know that the name of license file which is not correct will lead to upload failed, and confirmed with R&D colleague, the name of file name is not relative with the uploading
B. IE abnormal or network issue。
We doubt customer is using some FTP tools, it leads to disabling the same port. Or the IE problems, but customer feedback before it can upload some other license and we didn`t install special software.
C. It`s license issue.
But after we return the license, we find there is no issue for this license, in addition, we make a new one, but it still can`t work。
D. We have to remote check the steps if customer, we find that customer choose the upgrade options while customer uploads the license. It`s caused by the wrong operation. In case of wrong operation, we attach relative picture to compare.

    We suggest optimize the interface in these 2 options。