Add another disk enclosure to the loop

Publication Date:  2014-09-23 Views:  444 Downloads:  11
Issue Description
 S5600T storage system with 9x 4U disk enclosures. Customer have purchased an additional enclosure and 24x disks and wants to connect the new disk enclosure to the device without interrupting the business. The initial topology can be found attached.
Followed the link  and provided the below suggesions to the customer according to his initial disk enlosures topology :

1. Unplug the cable from Disk enclosure 3 , PRI B and connect it in the new Disk Enclosure PRI B.
2. Connect Disk Enclosure 3 PRI B with the new Disk Enclosure EXP B.
3. Connect the new Disk enclosure PRI A with Disk enclosure 3 EXP A.