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  • 对于华为技术有限公司开发的UltraPath for Solaris软件,在安装完多路径软件后,重启应用服务器后即可生效。
  • 对于Solaris操作系统集成的多路径软件
1、执行vi /kernel/scsi_vhci.conf,加入需要管理的阵列的Vendor ID与Product ID。通过“format”命令中的“inquiry”选项检查磁盘阵列信息,获取存储设备的Vendor ID与Product ID。这里以输入阵列的Vendor ID HUAWEI与Product ID S2300为例说明。
device-type-scsi-options-list =
"HUAWEI  S2300", "symmetric-option";

symmetric-option = 0x1000000;

2、执行stmsboot -e命令并依次输入y,重启应用服务器生效。
# stmsboot -e

WARNING: stmsboot operates on each supported multipath-capable controller
         detected in a host. In your system, these controllers are


If you do NOT wish to operate on these controllers, please quit stmsboot
and re-invoke with -D { fp | mpt | mpt_sas} to specify which controllers you wish
to modify your multipathing configuration for.

Do you wish to continue? [y/n] (default: y) y
WARNING: This operation will require a reboot.
Do you want to continue ? [y/n] (default: y) y
The changes will come into effect after rebooting the system.
Reboot the system now ? [y/n] (default: y) y